Diana zur Löwen: Your best hair care tips

Bye, bye, brittle hair and dry tips. Here comes Diana to Löwen’s ultimate hair care guide! She explains you how to style your hair easily and what care you need to keep it healthy.

Healthy Hair

“Having healthy hair is more important than being perfectly styled. I use deep cleansing products that nourish up to the scalp and do a cure every two weeks. And get your tips cut regularly and don’t overdo it with colouring. It’s better to let the roots grow out so that the hair can recover. And that’s just what’s needed. Coloured hair should be treated with colour protection products.”

Styling for girls


“I love to make curls. For this you have to spray the hair with a heat protection spray first, so that they tolerate the warmth of the curling iron well. Then twist in strand by strand, keep it short and carefully untwist it. After you have rolled up all the strands, fix them with hairspray. The spray will keep them for two to three days. Really good”.

Hair straightening

“I like it when the hair feels smooth and supple. First comb the hair well. Then you have to put heat protection spray into the hair. Then straighten strand by strand, but very slowly with the straightening iron through the hair. With stubborn strands you can repeat this several times. If you like, loosen up the look with two clips on one side.”

Quick help

“If you have greasy hair or simply don’t have time to wash it, dry shampoo will help, but styling will also help. With pretty hair clips and a high ponytail I feel good despite Bad Hair Day!

Styling for boys

Wild Mane

“Less is more! I think it’s cool when guys have curls and don’t straighten their hair. But of course the boys mane has to be well groomed. You should use cures and/or conditioners.”


“If boys already have beard growth, I totally like that. There are various care products such as beard shampoos or creams. You can also use beard oil for very dense beard growth.”

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