Hair trends 2019: These are the hottest hairstyles and hair colors of the year

If you’re looking for what you want to do with your hair, it’s nice to know what ‘in’ is. Even though it’s smart to go for a hairstyle or hair color that really suits you, you still want to know what the hottest hair trends of 2019 are. That’s why we’ve put together the necessary inspiration for you.

Hair trends 2019 according to our hair expert

We asked the experts at hair salon The Color what the hair trends will be in 2019. Iris Poldervaart, Creative Brand Director of The Color has selected a number of beautiful hairstyles and hair colors.

The Color is a salon concept in the Netherlands where the focus is on hair colors. You will find The Color salons in Amsterdam de Pijp, Amsterdam-West, Amsterdam de Jordaan and Nijmegen. What makes The Color so distinctive is that The Color Specialists always prepare fully customized colors at the Color Bar in sight of the customer. In addition, The Color salons are cut to a high standard.

Curtain Bangs

If you are not (yet) ready for a colouring, but rather for a haircut, then this ‘curtains pony’ is what you want. Completely in line with Brigit Bardot and the 70’s feeling, mega sexy.

Make sure you are well advised before you choose this look, the choice of thickness and length can make or break your face…


This is a much sought-after technique at the salons of The Color. Are you up for something unique, but do you want to wear your hair natural during your work. Then this peak-a book is a smart choice.

The name already covers the load, with a Peak a book a number of colours are used in a low side parting. Think of hair colours like: Flamingo Fuchsia, Disco Silver and Mint Green

Pink – Peachy

A hair color that makes everyone more beautiful is peachy. This color can be applied on a blonde surface, it makes your skin shine.

If you have a dark outgrowth, it will flow over nicely with this color that will create more depth in your hair.

Beach Lights

If you are more of a natural colour, then the new beach light technique is just the thing for you. It has come over from LA. The technique is slightly different from the classic highlight, the contrast is greater and stands out a little more.

Dip-Dye Curls

If you are blessed with a full bunch of curls then you know that not everyone can cut curls and especially not color them at all. Curly hair is quite vulnerable and if you don’t handle it well it loses its bounce.

Of course you don’t want to, luckily the Color Specialists of The Color are very good at coloring and cutting the curl. For the curl-girls among us this dip-dye look is an inspiration, lilac and purple are the colors when it comes to striking. They are applied on a white background. These colours are of course only temporary, but fade very nicely. You go from purple to lilac to dusty and blond eventually remains.

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