How to Take Care of Curly Hair

Curly hair requires little attention that leads to great results…

Having a soft and defined curly hair is the desire of many women but how can you achieve this?

To get soft and defined curly hair is essential to understand the type of your hair so that you can take care of it properly, it is not enough to buy at the supermarket a product with an attractive label and throw it on your hair! Print form 1099 here.

There are 2 fundamental points to know that will already allow us to get much more elasticity and definition of the curl:

  • use specific and tested products;
  • perform the correct handling during washing.

The Washing: How to Wash Curly Hair

Remember to always use specific shampoos and masks for curly hair, do not neglect this aspect, it is very important and will allow you to respect the necessary hydration of the skin and avoid unnecessary aggression to the elasticity of the hair.

Washing seems to be the easiest thing of all and often we are convinced that we already do everything in the correct way; let’s check it together, if you are already doing it in the following way we congratulate you and you can move on to the next item, otherwise you should read this procedure carefully.

Wet the hair with lukewarm water, apply the shampoo (specific for curls) and proceed with a scalp massage carried out by moving the fingertips in a circular way, in this way the blood circulation in the head is stimulated. The massage should also reach the sides of the head and then go up to the forehead, always respecting the circular movement. At the end of this operation we will have washed and massaged all the skin and follicles and we will be able to proceed with an abundant rinse, of at least 3 minutes, always with warm water.

Now we can say that the most important part to avoid frizzy hair is coming: apply a specific mask for curly hair! This treatment releases all the necessary nutrients and moisturizers on the hair shaft to eliminate the frizzy effect and helps to make the hair more elastic and strong. Obviously rinse once again and always abundantly with lukewarm water.

DRYING: How to Dry Curly Hair

To dry curly hair properly you will need to dab (and not scrape) the hair with a towel to remove excess water as much as possible.

You are almost ready to switch to a hair dryer but first apply a professional definition product, which will give more definition to the final hairstyle; definition products can be curly creams, oil non-oil or dynamic gel mousse.

At this point use a hair dryer with diffuser, (very important accessory to use with curly hair). Remember not to use the hair dryer at full power because it would tend to inflate the curls too much, losing definition. Drying should be done upside down while with one hand you will proceed to shape the curl to give it the right definition.

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