The ultimate dry shampoo guide – the 8 most important do’s and don’ts

That’s why we created the ultimate dry shampoo guide. We tell you about the eight most important do’s and don’ts in this area. You’re welcome.

Tips for using dry shampoo

All those promises of the product are very nice, but maybe you have the feeling that it doesn’t work so many miracles for your hair. That may be because you make certain mistakes. Thanks to the following tips you can rock your second day hair like a queen.

1. Don’t: don’t use it as a replacement

It is absolutely not a good plan to use dry shampoo instead of shampoo. Lars Skjoth, founder of hair brand Harklinikken, says: “Dry shampoo is not a cleanser – it’s simply a powder that sops up excess oil. This powder can dry the scalp, causing reactions like dermatitis, dandruff and folliculitis (an infection that can inflame the hair follicle).” The only correct way to remove dead skin cells and clean your scalp is with real shampoo.

2. Don’t: don’t spray too close

We understand that it is tempting to spray dry shampoo into your hair from a distance of three centimetres. Don’t do it anyway, because it really doesn’t make the product work any better. In fact, it is only counterproductive. Dry shampoo is often so concentrated that it makes your hair wet and clogs your hair cuticles.

According to hair stylist Patrick Wilson, ten centimetres distance is perfect. Spray it from this distance, leave it for a minute or two and then start styling your hair.

3. Don’t use it for days on end.

It is of course ideal that you do not have to wash your hair everyday thanks to dry shampoo. But be careful not to put it off for too long. Your scalp wants to be cleaned once in a while, just like the rest of your body. Batiste expert Val Benavides explains: “Would you keep layering makeup on top of itself day after day without removing it? How long you can go depends on your hair and scalp. In general, I would say dry shampoo can prolong a style for a day or two.” So just keep washing.

4. Don’t: don’t spray it only on the top

Most people only use dry shampoo in places where the hair is greasy, which is usually your first step. However, the best results can be achieved if you divide your hair into two or even three and spray the roots under each haircut. This way you get more volume and the product absorbs more oil from the rest of your hair. Actually very logical if you ask us.

5. Do: use it for volume

If you think you can only use dry shampoo on greasy hair, you’re wrong. Spraying every day is of course not good at all, but you should spray dry shampoo on “clean” hair every now and then for more volume. Spray a little at the roots and comb your hair back for a va-va-voom look.

6. Do: comb it through

It’s also not a good plan to spray the product into your hair and then stop doing it. If you spray without brushing it through, a very white haze will remain on your hair. In addition, you will see much worse results. “If you are predominantly using dry shampoo for sebum or oily roots rescue, brush it through your hair to remove excess product”, says Val.

7. Do: blow-dry it a little bit

We still have a very handy hack from celebrity hair stylist Daniel Martin. He claims it’s smart to go through your hair with a hairdryer after applying dry shampoo. “This will help distribute the product away from the scalp and a little into the mid-lengths,” he explains. In addition, he says it gives you even more volume and makes the white haze disappears.

8. Do: try different brands

Chances are that, just like us, you’ll quickly cycle to the drugstore to stock up on the best-known brand of dry shampoo. However, many dry shampoos are very different. So it wouldn’t hurt to experiment a bit to find out which brand works best on your hair. Anyway, these tips will get you a long way at least.

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