These 6 tips will help you to get and keep the bunch of curls of your dreams

There is no denying that styling curly hair is a difficult task. Curls are often dry, easily brittle and fluffy. Not necessarily the look you want to go for. Here are six tips for styling curly hair.

Tips for the curls of your dreams

You are blessed with a haircut that most women would kill for, yet there are times when you’d rather lose your curls than be rich. Luckily you’re not the only one with curls and many women have preceded you, all of whom have tips on how to control your curls. We’ll list six of them.

1. Find the right hairdresser

To start right at the beginning: find a hairdresser who knows what he’s doing. How can you be sure you’ve got a hairdresser who’s familiar with cutting curls? Then he or she cuts dry. Do you get a spray bottle to wet your hair before cutting? Then get out of here. There is a good chance that you will leave the building as a poodle. Not a good look.

2. Plan your washes

Find out which day after washing your hair is the most beautiful. Often this is a day or two or three after washing. Keep this in mind for example for events. For example, do you have a dinner party on a Saturday? Then plan your wash around it – to prevent you from sitting at the dining table with fluffy or weak curls.

3. Take care of your scalp

Is your curly hair dry? Then it can help to apply a nourishing mask to your scalp once in a while. This way you can take care of the dry skin on your head, but also your hair’s roots. Use, for example, argan oil and a clay mask. In this way, you care for your skin and hair, while at the same time removing dead skin cells.

4. Mix and match care that suits you…

You have undoubtedly already received dozens (or hundreds) of tips about products that really work for curly hair. Probably there really was a tip that was useful. Try mixing the products you like in a new routine, until you find the cocktail that works for your hair.

5. …but don’t use too many products either.

Too many styling products make your hair limp and lifeless – just what you want to avoid with a bunch of curls. Carefully apply the products you use to ensure that each strand has the right amount. The best way to do this is to apply the product in small quantities.

6. Carefully dry your hair

Nothing is as damaging to the sensitive curls as a rough towel. If you come out of the shower, first squeeze your hair out and then shake it out with your fingers. In this way you create volume in your hair in a natural way. Then stay away from the towel; you’d rather dry your hair with a T-shirt.

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