Often, as a result of dyeing in white, the hair becomes yellow. The reason for this may be unprofessional of the hairdresser, an incorrectly selected tone of poor-quality paint. You can correct the situation with the help of a silver shampoo for blondes against yellowness.

At the heart of the tint, the tool is purple and silver pigments. Getting on the hair, they have an effect on their structure. As a result of this reaction, yellowness disappears, and the strands acquire a cold tint. To achieve the desired effect, the shampoo should be as active and, at the same time, safe. It is difficult for an ordinary buyer to choose a quality drug. In the rating below, we displayed the best shampoos against yellowness. Products were selected based on user ratings, the numbest of queries in the search engine and the recommendations listed.


Suitable for natural blondes or artificially bleached hair. Recommended by the manufacturer to use it against yellowness, brittleness. The composition does not contain parabens, sulfates, and silicons. The main components are plant extracts, wheat protein, beeswax, sea buckthorn oil. It is placed in a soft pack of 500 ml with a screw cap. The consistency is thick, the color is transparent pink, the aroma is vegetable. It is used as standard – applied to the head, distributed over the hair and washed off after 2 minutes.

Buyers like the effect of restoring color, ease of combing, natural shine of hair. After the first application, the result is noticeable. Particularly attracted by the natural composition, the possibility of daily use. The Natura Siberica brand is awarded the ICEA certificate. Users note the inconvenience of using large packaging, although its price is much more profitable than in a bottle. Many customers cannot refuse to use the product and simply pour it into a more convenient container.


Recommended neutralizing the color of dry, dyed, streaked hair. The composition includes linseed oil, vitamin E, salicylic acid. The shampoo is packaged in a bright red bottle. The consistency is thick, the aroma is pleasant. Allowed for daily use. Gives hair shine, creates a lamination effect, eliminates yellowness, smoothes. Carefully cares for the scalp, relieves dryness, peeling.

User reviews say that Expert Color gives and fixes a cold shade, gives hair elasticity. Buyers like a pleasant smell, dense texture, ease of use. Shampoo copes well with split ends of the hair, protects them from sun exposure, nourishes and moisturizes. Allowed to use without balm. Users express their wishes to the manufacturer in finalizing the bottle with a dispenser since it is difficult to squeeze out due to its density.


High-quality tinted drug against yellowness. Suitable for both lightened and streaked, natural and gray strands. Effectively neutralizes the straw color, giving the hair a cold glow. The result can be observed after the first application. In addition to tone correction, it has an additional leaving effect.

Buyers eagerly recommend shampoo to blondes as one of the best tinting products. Hair looks well-groomed, does not get confused, does not become dry, comb well. Many people use Matrix for a long time and have already managed to achieve a sustainable result. Separately, I want to note the cost. For such quality the price is cheap. Positive reviews confirm this. Undoubtedly, OBSESSED SO SILVER shampoo has something to please owners of fair hair.


The most popular product of the Concept brand is Anti-yellow Shampoo for Blondes. It has an active effect on colored strands, eliminating yellowness. Does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which means it is safe for health. It contains two strong pigments: silver and violet-blue. Gently affects the hair without damaging the structure. Creates a protective film, due to which the roots are strengthened and the strands thicken.

Consumers appreciate shampoo for excellent results, caring properties, economical consumption, and reasonable price. In the reviews, they write that Concept effectively neutralizes yellow color without damaging curls, nourishes and prevents the appearance of electrolysis. After washing, the hair becomes soft and shiny, acquires a natural cold shade.


The Estel brand produces high-quality tinting shampoo from yellowness, which not only eliminates the straw color but also has additional caring properties. Deeply cleanses the hair, nourishes the scalp with useful minerals and vitamins. This complex action is the main advantage of the drug. Prima Blonde is classified as a professional tool. It perfectly levels the tone and protects the strands from exposure to sunlight.

Reviews about the shampoo are positive. Buyers note high efficiency. After the first application, it is barely noticeable, however, regular use gives a stable result. Consumers noticed one more advantage – the content of the balm and natural components that provide easy combing. After washing, no additional care is required in the form of a mask or conditioner.

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