Trend Hairstyles 2019: The Most Beautiful Looks

We women all need a change every now and then – so we like to risk a look into the glass ball and thus at the hairstyle trends for 2019. Here you can find out which haircuts, hairstyles and hair colours will be particularly popular next year.

Hairstyle trends for every type – that’s what awaits us in 2019.

hairstyle trends come, go or stay. A lot of what was announced comes back, we say goodbye to some of it and one or the other styling will stay with us in the new year. Have a look at all trend hairstyles 2018. Whether short or long haircuts, straight or curly hair, long hairstyles or looks for short hair: there is something for every taste guaranteed in the 2019 Trend Hairstyles. We show you the hottest looks and hair colours.

Hairstyle trend 2019: The Bob

Bob hairstyles have been in vogue for a long time and will experience a new revival in 2019! Whether Long Bob, Curly Bob or Bob with Pony – the Bob simply stands every woman and adapts to every face. The bob 2019 looks especially casual with a side parting, undone styled or with a pony. You’re not sure if a centre parting or a side parting is right for you? Find out! The bob comes really well in the pageboy version or in the Sleek Look. We’re talking about Glass Hair, a particularly accurately cut version of the bobsleigh with straight tips – a bobsleigh that shines so brightly that it reflects the light and is reminiscent of a glass pane.

Hairstyle trend 2019: The pony

You’re looking for a type change? Then a pony is just right for you! The slogan for 2019 is: short, shorter, shortest. The Micro Fringe is the eye-catcher on the catwalk, with the stars and models. Also pretty: a fringe pony that casually falls over the eyebrows. It doesn’t matter if you have a bob, medium hair or long hair.

You can find even more beautiful hairstyles with ponies here!

Hairstyle trend 2019: Short hairstyles

Short hairstyles in all variations are also still popular. Whether classic Pixie-Cut, a geometric Bubi head or the almost shaved “Buzz Cut” – short hairstyles are sexy and not at all burschikos. Of course, a little courage is needed for the step to short hair, but a self-confident appearance is absolutely guaranteed.

Trend hairstyle 2019: The bun

The bun or knot belongs to the hairstyle classics and is suitable for both parties and everyday use. The great thing about this styling is that you don’t need much talent or time for the bun. It can be conjured in the twinkling of an eye and the itt hairstyle for Bad Hair Days. How about a Low Bun? The hair is simply twisted into a small knot in the neck and fastened invisibly with clips. Also the Messy Bun is super easy to style. For this the hair is tied to a high ponytail and the twisted braid is wrapped to a snail and fastened with clamps. The main thing is that the bun looks messy!

Trend hairstyle 2019: Braided hairstyles

Medium to long hair can use a small twist this season. Whether French or farmer’s braid – loose braided hairstyles are the racers with the hairstyle trends and especially in the area of long hairstyles totally hip.

Trend hairstyle 2019: waves and curls

2019, as in 2018, waves are once again among the hairstyle trends of the year. Especially with medium to long hair, waves come into their own perfectly. But please don’t close it. Undone is the magic word again. For this pull a centre or side parting and form soft waves with a straightening iron. You have natural waves? Great! They can be causally defined with hair foam, styling cream or texturizing spray.

Hair colour trends 2019: It gets colourful

From Cold Brew to Tiger Eye: Last season, shiny brown tones were the order of the day, especially in nutty nuances. In 2019 the colours of the rainbow are reflected on our heads.

Balayage” and Ombré Hair are also a theme again. The dark base and the light lengths and tips form a great contrast. If you feel like something extraordinary, try Ombré in pastel. That’ll immediately awaken spring feelings, I promise you! Balayage gets a colourful update and becomes a paste layer – instead of natural nuances, pastel highlights are set.

Still popular among hair colours: Blond, but this year a bit cooler. Platinum blonde is the blonde shade of the hour. The special white blonde has a signal effect and attracts full attention. A strong appearance is guaranteed!

You need even more inspiration, are looking for the right hairstyle and are on the lookout for new trends? Here you will find even more hairstyles for long hair, hairstyles for medium long hair and short hairstyles.

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