We all commit these four hair care sins

Whether curly, smooth, short or long: If the hair is well groomed, every hairstyle simply looks more beautiful. However, frequent washing can strain the hair and the wrong care can suddenly result in a dull, scaly frizz instead of a radiant shine. We name the four biggest hair care sins and give you tips for beautiful, shiny hair.

1. do not wash your hair daily

A lot helps a lot? This motto is completely out of place when it comes to hair washing. Too frequent washing dries out the hair and puts even more strain on an already strained mane. Anyone who wants to counteract this with a lot of shampoo and conditioner will only make things worse. Both remove a lot of oil from the scalp and the protective coat of the scalp is attacked by the intensive washing programme. Dry, itchy skin and dandruff are the result.

Shampoo residues on the skin can also make the hair look oily. Quality is therefore more important than quantity when it comes to hair care: better wash less often, but use a hair treatment once a week. This strengthens the damaged hair structure and gives the desired shine.

2. never brush from top to bottom

Combing is a particular strain on the hair. Often the tuft is torn, small nodules are relatively combed or torn out. This daily procedure damages the hair structure and over stretches the hair. Since combing is no longer a solution, you should take a few things into account when buying a brush:

  • The bristles of the brush should be far apart.
  • Natural bristles are particularly suitable as they stimulate sebum production during combing. The natural sebum is thus distributed in the hair and gives it additional shine.
  • Be careful when brushing. The most important thing with long hair is not to comb from top to bottom. Instead, start with the tips and untangle small knots first. Then work your way up to the middle section and the base. This prevents the hair from breaking.

3. dry rubbing leads to split ends

They get out of the shower and everything drips. There’s only one thing to do: towel up and quickly rub everything dry. What works for the body is extremely harmful for sensitive hair. Because terry towelling roughens the surface of the hair and can lead to split ends.

It is more gentle just to press the hair with the towel and dab it dry. Wet hair should also not be combed immediately, as it is now swollen and particularly sensitive. However, if you do not want to do without combing, you should use a coarse-pronged comb.

4. it is better to do without a hairdryer

When things need to go quickly, the hairdryer is quickly at hand. But the hot, dry air causes split ends and matt, dull hair. In general it is therefore much gentler to let the hair dry in the air. However, if you cannot do without blow-drying, you should choose a cool or lukewarm setting.

Also with the diffuser the hair is heated less strongly and thereby less strained. Care products such as heat protection sprays or fluids applied before styling provide extra protection and shine.

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